About Us:
Flood Valley Homebrew opened in March 2012 at 462 N. Market Blvd in Chehalis WA under the ownership of Mason and Skip Goeman. Purchased by Brett Rohr and Chris Rohr  February 2013 when the Goeman family moved to Montana. The Rohr Brothers passion for beer has been crafted though years of travels across this North America as Mechanics aboard the American Orient Express. Hitting many towns and drinking many different local beers. A few years back Brett decided to venture into homebrewing and asked Chris to help brew the first batch. Immediate brewing addiction followed. Chris and Brett decided they had to grow this hobby and like many novice homebrewers their dreams of brewing professionally took off. They soon became known as those crazy brothers building recipes that were unlike any of the other local brews. In February 2013 the dreams of brewing took a huge leap forward when the brothers with help of older brother Phil Rohr got the opportunity to purchase Flood Valley. This passion is what drives Flood Valley Homebrew as the brothers are constantly trying to create and improve recipes. In July 2013 the store had grown beyond what the location could handle so Brett and Chris made the decision to move to the current location on Chehalis Ave. With an evergrowing inventory of over 60 varieties of hops, 59 varieties of malts, equipment, and brewing yeasts.

Flood Valley Homebrew is located at 243 NW Chehalis Ave Chehalis, Washington 98532

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services to reach your satisfaction. We would appreciate any thoughts or advice you may have regarding our services. Please feel free to leave us a message via the web site by clicking "Contact Us".

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